A day in the Hamptons

Acting on a recommendation from a very trusted source, the Long Island Foodies woke up kinda early on Saturday morning and started heading out east to the other fork; the South Fork.

The purpose of our trip was an apple pie.  Now I know it’s a little odd to be eating apple pie in August on Long Island (they won’t be in season for another month at least), but this recommendation was super bold, so we had to act on it immediately.  “I could eat one of these apple pies everyday,” he said.

Olish Farms Country Market was busy when we got there.  Cars were pulling up as soon as others left.  The produce looked really great, albeit over priced but I didn’t expect any differently.  We weren’t here for great prices on local produce (we’d be at the Westbrook Farmers Market if that were the case), we were here for fresh baked apple pie.  The kind with a whole lotta butter in the crust, chock full of apple slices and a great cinnamon, syrupy sauce throughout.  Another positive was that the person who baked the pie knew what they were doing; they rested the apples after cutting them.  This way the apples shrink down in size before the crust is put on (ever had apply pie where there’s this huge void between the crust and the apples, this is why).

I can honestly say that this is probably the best apple pie I’ve ever had.  There is no doubt that given the opportunity, I could eat one every single day and never get tired of it.  In fact, it seems we’re heading out to Center Moriches this Saturday as well, and I definitely think that a pie from Olish’s is on the menu.

After leaving Eastport, we headed on down the road to Westhampton Beach to their weekly Farmers Market.  I’ll admit I was a little jealous when I saw that they had practically 30 vendors including fish and cheese.  But, what do you expect, it is the Hamtons (whatever that means).


We picked up some organic mushroom barley soup, some seven grain bread and some really great yellow tomato salsa.  Sun was shining, beautiful day.

We were a little hungry and hadn’t had any real breakfast yet, so we stopped in a little luncheonette on our way out of town.

Olish Farms Country Market
Eastport Manor Rd
Eastport, NY 11941
(631) 325-0539

Eckart’s Luncheonette
162 Mill Road
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978
(631) 288-9491

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