The Clubhouse – The Place for Steak since 1962

I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention the fabulous meal that we had the other night.  Stef’s dad took us out to eat at The Clubhouse, a venerable institution on Jericho Turnpike that has been around since 1962.  We originally were going to cook dinner at home, but a long day at the office prevented me from looking forward to slaving over a stove for anything more than a few minutes and Mike saved the day by mentioning this little gem.  We had never been there before, even though I drive past the place just about everyday.  He had been there for lunch once and was pleasantly surprised, as view from outside doesn’t really match the power and elegance demonstrated inside the restaurant.

The meal started off with a really great crusty bread and butter, the type that would be destined to mop up the last few drops of chowder (better than picking up the bowl and licking it clean).  Before the chowder came out, the three of us noshed on some really great crab cakes (although I would have liked mine with a little bit more sear to it, but otherwise it was delicious).  Then came the shrimp chowder which was by far, the best soup I’ve had to date.  It beats the seafood soup at Chez José, the seafood soup at El Picacho and the lobster bisque I brought home from Town Meat Market.  It had that velvety texture that makes you go back for more; the type of soup that inhabits your dreams at night (sucks when you wake up though to find no soup).

For protein, Mike and I ordered the Cowboy Steak which was a rib eye while Stefani ordered a piece of buffalo meat (I think it was a tenderloin).  And even though we all ordered medium rare and received steaks that were closer to medium, the flavors of the meat were so good that, not being the type to waste food, were happy to gobble up all that was on our plates (especially considering the waitress was kind enough to comp us dessert).

For dessert, we had the homemade pecan pie a la mode, the homemade white/dark chocolate mousse, and the rice pudding.  Rice pudding was a little watery for us all, the mousse was good (white chocolate actually surprisingly good) and the pecan pie, well, it was good but when you’ve had Stefani’s, it’s tough to compare.  Maybe we’ll share that recipe soon.

All in all, it was one of those truly satisfying meals.  Hey, nothing is perfect in life, you have to roll with the punches, but we rolled and as a result, had a wonderful meal.

(Hey Dad, thanks for the meal, sorry the post wasn’t up fast enough.  Pressures of the day to day, ya know?)

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