Huntington Farmers Market

If you couldn’t tell, we’re huge supporters of the Huntington Farmers Market. Every Sunday morning we’re out there bright and early, picking up eggs, cider and fruit for the week.  We find that when we buy less (only enough fresh fruit/eggs for the week), we eat fresher because every Sunday we restock with fresh supplies.  We also pick up fresh cheese from the new cheese vendor and I highly recommend their feta which we always have on hand these days.  The blueberries and cherries have been great so far; wish I could say the same for Long Island Strawberries.

So, along with some photos, I’m going to include my list of can’t miss items:

Apple Cider, Cinammon Honey Sticks (5/$1), Apple Cider Donuts and Farm Fresh Eggs from the Orchards at Concklin.

Jams and tapenades from Miss Amy’s Preserves (My dad and I are partial to Peconic Blackberry and Blue Point Blueberry).

Fresh feta (or some of their raw milk cheeses) from the new cheese vendor.

Anything fresh from the Golden Earthworm organic booth; the sugar snap peas last week were gobbled up as soon as they made it home.

I urge everyone to stop by the Huntington Farmers Market on Sunday mornings and support the vendors that make it possible.  Eat fresh, local foods and see what wonders it will do for your life.

Huntington Farmers Market

Sponsor: Long Island Growers Market
Location: Elm St. parking lot, Main St., (Rt. 25A)
Time of Operation: Sunday, 7 AM to 12 Noon
Season: July through Mid November

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    [...] Huntington Farmer’s Market is where we are every Sunday at 8:00am.  Can’t beat the farm fresh eggs ($2/dozen) from the Orchards at Conklin, plus their white nectarines are amazing.  Every week I pick up a dozen eggs, a half gallon of apple cider, some honey sticks, some feta cheese, some bread (now that the Bread Guy is back) and whatever fresh produce looks good.  I definitely recommend supporting the local farmer’s market; prices are cheaper than the supermarket, you’re supporting local farmers and the food is fresher and tastier. [...]

  2. 2

    [...] Filed under Recipe &#183 Tagged dessert, cobbler I had picked up two quarts of blueberries at the Huntington Farmers Market last Sunday, in a failed effort to make some blueberry freezer jam.  Something frugal and domestic [...]

  3. 3

    Alyson said,

    I live in Huntington, and was wondering if there are any indoor markets during the winter in the area?

    Thank you! ;-)

    • 4

      The Kavner's said,

      Plum Crazy just opened on New York Avenue. It is an indoor market, not necessarily farmer-direct, but it is an indoor produce market, similar to Johns Farms but smaller.

  4. 5

    Ronny B said,

    Hi, I just moved to Huntington Village and love it here… the variety of restaurants, etc. on NY avenue are amazing. So here is my stupid question… is the farmer’s market open this time of year?

    • 6

      The Kavner's said,

      Since a farmers market usually involves freshly grown, local produce, the Huntington Farmers Market will open when the agriculture cycle on Long Island starts to yield product. Figure late spring.

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